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4 Simple Tips To Help Keep You Smiling During A Tough Day

Several things can help get you through a tough day, but nothing is as lasting and impactful as laughter. If you want to get that sense of happiness back into your life, then little compares to the soothing feeling you get from a hearty laugh or the warmth of a genuine smile.

You will no doubt agree with me when I say that sometimes the only remedy you need after a long gruelling day is to see the smile of a loved one.

To see your spouse, a good friend, or your child smile at the sight of seeing you and for you to smile back has a way of making you forget how hostile your day was, or how bad it’s going at that particular time.

Laughter Makes You Feel Good

The best thing about a smile or a burst of laughter is that it is contagious. Laughter always has a way of leaving you feeling good on the inside no matter how sad or tired you are.

If you struggle with experiencing the kind of joy you wish for, a good tip would be to make an effort to smile and laugh more. The simple act of doing so will help get you through a tough day and help you forget the bad things that are happening around you.

I know smiling or laughing is hard when you are going through a rough patch, but if you focus a little harder on this area of your life, things may appear to be not so bad after all.

A smile on your face helps bring about positivity which in turn will give you more confidence to face the challenges of the day.

If you are finding it exceptionally difficult to find humour when you are confronted with something really bad or negative, look for something that will make you smile or laugh.

Try comedy movies for example, or animation if you are a fan. You could search for hilarious memes online and have yourself a hearty laugh. You could also try going through healthy reading material online.

One advantage of bookmarking a humorous page or a website that is dedicated to making you laugh is that you can quickly access it anywhere and anytime of the day.


1. Finding humour in a difficult situation

One way of getting through a difficult situation is by finding something to laugh about. Instead of viewing your experience as something you can never recover from, try seeing it from a different angle.

For instance, at work you may be depressed from losing a big client over a small misunderstanding. If you are not careful, your depression will begin closing up other windows of opportunity already available to you. So to avoid that, stop entertaining feelings of disappointment and humour yourself instead.

Yes you may have just lost a big client but is it really the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. Be sure to learn from any mistakes made, smile to yourself during this tough time even, then get to work and secure another big client like you know you can.

2. Calling up a close friend

Now and then, the only thing you need to get through a rough day is talking to a good friend about it, or just calling them up and sharing a joke or two instead.

Sharing some humour with someone on the same wavelength as you is a great way of holding on to your joy and experiencing the comic relief that you very much deserve.

4 Simple Tips To Help Keep You Smiling During A Tough Day

3. Refusing to take things too personally

One of the main things that easily steal your joy is your weakness of taking things too personally. It may be true that there are some offensive comments or acts that may be directed at you, however that is not always the case.

Stop taking everything you hear personally to retain your joy. Instead of getting angry when corrected or advised, try taking the reprimand on board with a smile because more often than not, corrections have some element of truth in them.

4. Knowing a solution to your problem is already out there

Do not allow failing to meet your daily goals or tasks take away your joy, or causes you to think that it is the end of the world. Know that for every problem you face, a solution already exists. You just have to find it.

Knowing this will motivate you to keep going and remain excited about what you can accomplish.

I hope going forward you will begin each day with a laugh and a smile, this will help get you through days that may seem tough but will also help you see the more positive things of life instead.


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