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5 Signs You Need More Calm and Relaxation In Your Life

5 Signs You Need More Calm and Relaxation In Your Life

Life is so stressful that we often grow accustomed to the anxiety that has seeped into our lives. We convince ourselves that absolutely everyone feels the same way as we do.

We dismiss our feelings because we’re sure that this is just the norm.

While everyone is dealing with their own issues, and stress is on the rise all over the country, don’t dismiss how you feel. Don’t downplay what you’re going through because it can have a serious impact on how you live your life.

So, what are the signs that you need more calm and relaxation in your life? Here are five big ones…

1. No Desire Or Motivation

You wake up whenever because you didn’t fall asleep until the sun started to rise. You aren’t particularly interested in showering or looking after your basic hygiene.

You often wear the same clothes and people move away from you because you kind of smell.

You don’t eat anything at all or you eat way too much. It’s always the wrong food. All of this can be detrimental to your health and can be chalked up to stress and fatigue.

When your energy is incredibly low, it’s difficult to ignite your motivation and carry out normal daily activities. That fatigue might be psychological or physical. Dealing with negative emotions can affect your motivation.

It also makes it difficult to operate at a normal pace, which means your work is neglected and your tasks build-up, making you more stressed.

2. Worst-Case Scenarios

Advanced planning and problem-solving can be an excellent way to manage stress and avoid drama.

However, if you are constantly playing a game of what if, then it indicates you’re over-anxious and you need more calm and relaxation in your life.

You may reach a point where you can’t complete a single action or activity without running through every scenario possible.


3. A Short Fuse

When you get irritated, you tend to blame it on the person or situation causing you to feel irritated. However, it might be that anxiety is the real culprit.

Anxiety and anger both cause tense muscles and other symptoms like your heart racing. They both trigger your fight or flight response, so it’s easy to assume you’re just annoyed when the real problem is you need more calm and relaxation.

4. Wake-Up Calls

Your body wakes you up, the problem is it’s not the right time. You regularly wake up at various points throughout the night.

You may be preoccupied with something or perhaps you’re worried. Anxiety and stress can hijack your sleep cycle and trick your body into waking up at the wrong time.


5. Avoidance

This is perhaps the biggest sign that you need more calm and relaxation. Do you avoid situations that you know evoke anxiousness? It’s such a pervasive trick that it’s often one we are completely unaware of.

The immediate reaction to anxiety is to get rid of it. We tend to rationalize our avoidance of particular situations.

You’re not in the mood to go and socialize at your friend’s birthday party. You back out of an interview, justifying it by saying it’s not the role for you.

While part of stress management is avoiding certain triggers, that’s not what we’re talking about here. What anxiety avoidance does is gifts you relief for the short-term.

However, you are limiting your life by avoiding these situations. It becomes easier to avoid social situations once you do it a couple of times. There are times when you will need to cancel or back out on plans.

You might not have enough energy to do it. However, it is proven that frequent socializing can sometimes provide us with the calm and relaxation that we truly need.


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