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5 Simple Tips To Help Build Your Self Worth

5 Simple Tips To Help Build Your Self Worth

I think everybody at some point in their lives experiences periods of  diminished self worth, in other words… episodes of low self esteem. For some, these issues last longer than they do for others.

It`s also a fact that a great many of us have to deal with this soul sapping emotion throughout our entire lives. This post will feature 5 simple tips to help build your self worth and hopefully will provide some value at least.

So with that being said and like most things, the best way to build your self-worth and try to mitigate low self esteem is done in small incremental steps. If you have had or are currently dealing with low self-esteem, the thought of trying to feel better about yourself might appear impossible at times.

Attempting to do everything at once seems exhausting, can drain all your energy and leads to less progress being made than you’d prefer. You also run the risk of feeling much worse than you did when you first started.

Furthermore, the very thought of building your self-worth can feel like an insurmountable task sometimes. So where do you start if you want to combat this debilitating condition? One way of approaching it is if you treat it like a project and break it down into small achievable goals.

Step By Step

By taking things slowly and one step at a time you are less likely to feel overwhelmed. Being a little patient but also proactive will be beneficial and over time the goals you achieve will inspire a new found confidence in you. Before you know it you’ll already be feeling better within yourself.

In addition to taking these small steps to reach your goals, you also need to make the positive decision to try and not change everything at once. This is important to acknowledge because if you do try to accomplish things all at the same time, then it will only be setting you up for failure. This is the last thing you want to happen!

By making an informed and conscious decision, you will be heading forward on a path of positivity, getting things done calmly and exuding more confidence, which is key. Patience and a positive attitude will encourage proactivity and establish a foundation to improved lifestyle, a foundation built on self-care and kindness.

The very fact that you’re reading this means you’re already self-aware and want the best for yourself. This is great and you are well on the way already!

Building Self Worth

As I just previously highlighted, positive self-worth builds on self-care and kindness. So what you will see below are five small, but significant actions you can undertake to be kind to yourself today and in the coming weeks ahead. You should see some benefits from this if you start implementing as soon as you can.


1. Be sure to factor in regular treats which serve as rewards when you hit a goal or you have done something positive. This is your personal “pat on the back” and will encourage you to feel good about yourself. A monthly manicure or massage perhaps, maybe a walk in the park, or schedule a social outing with a friend, partner or family member.


2. Recognise your weaknesses and think of a positive action you can take to improve yourself on them. For example make an appointment to help with your time management if this is a weak area, or if your money situation could be better, then perhaps a visit to a financial adviser might be recommended. If you would like to lose weight or get fitter then how about a coach or sign up for a class? Remember to tackle one task at a time and try to be calm and positive as you approach each endeavour.


3. Journaling can be very helpful in trying to identify challenges and turning around negative self-perceptions. One method to try is writing down everything positive you can think of about yourself. This exercise involves thinking of things that are solely about you and not about things where you compare yourself to somebody else.

Try to think of things you excel at, such as are you good at writing? Do you stand out playing sport? Are you kind to other people and animals? Do you have a good sense of humour? Do people love your cooking?

You see when you begin to think about it you will realise that everybody is good at something, no matter how big or small. That includes YOU!

This task might take some time, but it will be a worthwhile exercise of self discovery to complete.


4. Start a daily gratitude journal where you list all the things you are grateful for in life. Things you could be grateful for might include: your children, your spouse, fresh water, clean air, sufficient food to eat and a house to live in. The list could be long, but again this is a great exercise that will help manifest your self worth in a positive way.

Living in a place of gratitude naturally makes you a better person and human being. The warm, positive emotions that emanate from within undoubtedly have a profound effect on the people around you and promotes your sense of self worth.


5. At the end of each day, try thinking of at least one good thing or positive action that may have occurred. Furthermore, upon waking also think of positive affirmations that will inspire you throughout each and every day.

So there you have it…

5 simple tips to help build your self worth can be applied into your life starting from today. It`s a fact we all need a pick me up from time to time, so if you are suffering from issues regarding your self worth and low self esteem, hopefully implementing these strategies into your life will help you begin to see improvements in the future. Just remember to take one small step at a time!


5 Simple Tips To Help Build Your Self Worth – Back To Top!

*Please comment below if you are, or have suffered from this particular condition. It`s good to share your own knowledge of this topic which in turn can help others. Also feel free to share this post with anybody who you think may benefit. Thanks! 🙂