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7 Steps To Nurturing Your Inner Self

7 Steps To Nurturing Your Inner Self

How exactly do you nurture your inner self? Sure, nurturing the body is very easy, but how do you soothe your spirit? Thankfully, there’s a lot of knowledge out there to help you, and here are some ways you can keep your inner self as nurtured as your outer self.

1. Set Boundaries For Yourself

This is easily one of the best things you can do for yourself whenever it comes to your inner self and your mental health. Set boundaries, say no, and guard your free time zealously.

It’s not rude, mean or unhealthy to set some limits on what you can do and when you can be emotionally available for others.

If you need Friday night or a Wednesday afternoon to take care of yourself, take those days and say no.

This not only gives you ample opportunities to relax, but it also means that you are filling the bank of your self-worth.

You’ve made yourself important, and that helps to nurture your inner self by reminding it that you do matter.

2. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

This can be a very hard habit to break because admittedly it is so damn easy to do! However, one of the best ways to nurture your inner self is to make sure that you are not poisoning it with negative self-talk.

Instead, try and make a habit of catching yourself in negative self-talk and then replace it with a positive thought instead.

Tell yourself how amazing you are, tell yourself that you deserve everything that comes to you, and tell yourself that any bad things are going to be alright.

You’d be surprised at how good this feels whenever you get good at focusing on the positive and eliminating the negative.

Nurturing Your Inner Self Social Connection

3. Connect With Others

Your inner self feeds on connection, where you go and talk to friends, family, and loved ones.

Going out to dinner with a family member, having a beer with a friend, and spending time with your spouse are not only things you can do to get connection for your outer self, but also to help your inner self grow.

There’s something special about the time you spend with loved ones, and you should cherish it.

4. Meditate

Alright, meditation has been somewhat overhyped as a solution, but that’s because it does work on some level.

Simply sitting down, breathing, and trying to be passive about the thoughts that are entering your head can be very calming and almost euphoric.

You feel good whenever you meditate and it can give you some serious clarity about all that you need to do.

Nurturing Your Inner Self Believe In Yourself

5. Believe In Yourself

This might be the phrase you heard when you were little and facing a challenge, but it is no less important today than it was then.

Focus on yourself whenever you are taking on a challenge and try to believe that you can do it.

Your self-belief will help your inner child and can also help you feel more motivated to do what needs to be done.

6. Have Fun

It’s a simple request, but if you can take some time out of your day to just have some fun, you’ll find that your inner self will leap with joy.

Plus, it’s good for the soul and will bring you joy and a smile whenever you partake in it.

7. Check-In With Your Inner Self

One of the biggest problems people have is they do not check in with their inner selves.

You should always monitor how you are doing internally and make corrections if you are off course and feeling bad about yourself.


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