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7 Ways To Be A Positive Influence On Negative People

Negative people are all around you. You don’t have to look far to find someone that has a negative outlook on life.

However, you don’t have to allow these people to drag you down with them either. In fact, you might be able to save a few of them, or at least make them smile for a change. They might even thank you for it.

Encourage Positivity

Negative people can sometimes benefit from having their perspective shaken up a little. You can be the person that causes them to question their negativity and perhaps help improve their way of life.

Consider it to be charitable work that won`t affect your schedule or diary too much.

Try these 7 ways to be a positive influence on the negative people in your life:

1. Stay positive – Just because you’re dealing with someone that’s chronically negative, it doesn’t mean you have to allow your own mood to be altered.

You can choose to keep a positive attitude regardless of those around you. This can certainly be challenging at times, but it’s not impossible!

Be an example of how to behave when faced with negativity. You can inspire others to raise their personal standards and be positive too.

2. Ask them questions that stimulate positive thinking – Ask someone in a negative frame of mind about their favourite place to eat or best holiday destination.

You could ask them to recount their favourite childhood memory. This is a great tactic for making friends or turning a first date into a second.

Make people feel good and they’ll appreciate you for it.


3. Make them laugh – Everyone loves to laugh. Share a good joke or a funny story from your past. Show that you’re willing to laugh at yourself too. Laughter is an excellent way to make someone feel happier and boost their mood.

Ask them to tell you a funny story. Just thinking about something funny can soften their attitude.

4. Give a compliment – Often, no matter how negative someone might be, just a simple yet sincere compliment can raise their spirits. If you know the person, you probably have a good idea of what’s important to them. This can help you to target your compliment and make it more meaningful.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll give at least one sincere compliment each day.

5. Make one of your goals public and achieve it – Prove that it’s possible to make progress in life. Many people are negative because they believe they’re stuck and can’t make a positive change in their lives.

Let people see that it’s possible to set a goal and achieve it. Others could be inspired to follow your example.


6. Be kind – Show kindness to everyone, even those that are negative. A little kindness can help to turn someone’s day around.

Make a list of people in your life that could use a little kindness. Now, make a list of things you could do for each of them.

Make a plan to do one kind thing for each person on your list. Notice the results this has on them and on you.

7. Ask – Ask the other person how they’re doing. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Just showing that you care can have an impact. Many negative people don’t receive a lot of attention or care. You’ll also feel good about yourself too.

A Shining Influence

Negative people can potentially harm your own attitude if you’re not careful. While you can’t control others, you can influence them.

Be the beacon for optimism and positivity. Everyone loves to be around a positive person and everyone wants to be in a better mood. You can be that person for all the negative people in your world.

Don’t just avoid negative people, help them. You’ll both be glad you did!


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