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13 things mentally strong people don`t do

Book Review – 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don`t Do

One of the key factors for success is the strength of your brain. Some people don’t have the mental strength that it takes to achieve success. But you can learn how to develop the habits that lead to mental fortitude.

You can find out how to take back your power and open yourself up to the changes that need to happen. In the international best selling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin, you’ll discover how training your brain can help you reach your goals.

Letting Go Of Mental Habits

If you live out the principles taught in the book, you’ll learn how letting go of the wrong mental habits can free you and make you stronger and happier. The book begins by delving into why the 13 “Don’t” steps are key for anyone desiring success.

It begins with the first step, which is about not wasting time feeling sorry for yourself. The reason behind this statement is that people who feel sorry for themselves are stealing their own energy.

This self pity doesn’t lead anywhere productive and gets in the way of your goals. The reason is because self pity is fertile soil for the negative to thrive. You’ll find yourself continually battling anger and bitterness.

Resenting The Success Of Others

You might resent others who are successful and feel that they had an easy life while all you had was struggle. This negativity can create a situation where, what you think and feel becomes the life that you live out.

By focusing on the negative, the positive is overshadowed. So you dwell on everything that went wrong or you start to look at your goals in a negative light and feel sorry for yourself if you can’t reach a goal by the time you wanted to – or even at all.

All this does, according to the book, is keep you from seeing what could help you turn your life around. Another point the book makes about mentally strong people is not shying away from change.

It’s one thing to settle firmly into the way things have always been done or to have a rigid mindset, but when it comes to goals and success, this isn’t the best stance to have. You need to embrace change.

Control Your Life

The book also talks about what you can control and why you shouldn’t get hung up on the things that are outside of your control. If you can’t change something, letting it go sets you free.

Another one of the “Don’t” points the book makes is about pleasing other people. When it comes to success, if you try to worry about pleasing everyone, you’ll find it difficult to achieve the success you want.

You can’t give others that kind of power over your goals. Everyone has a past – regrets, things that happened that are hard, or things they wish hadn’t happened at all. This is the past and the book encourages readers to not let the past dominate your focus.

Never Give Up

Looking at the past doesn’t help the future. Learn from it, accept it, but don’t carry it around. An important thing that the author touches on is not feeling like the first time you fail means it’s the end. Success is found in working on your goals and picking yourself every time up when you do fall.

This book is a great read with revolutionary new strategies that will work for everyone, from homemakers to soldiers and teachers to CEOs. Pick up your copy from Amazon at a great price below >>


The 13 mental strategies listed in this book include:

  1. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself
  2. Don’t give away your power
  3. Don’t shy away from change
  4. Don’t focus on things you can’t control
  5. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone
  6. Don’t fear taking calculated risks
  7. Don’t dwell on the past
  8. Don’t make the same mistakes over and over
  9. Don’t resent other people’s success
  10. Don’t give up after the first failure
  11. Don’t fear alone time
  12. Don’t feel the world owes you anything
  13. Don’t expect immediate results

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