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dare to dream big and how to achieve it

Dare To Dream Big And How To Achieve It

“Dream big.” This is one of the most common statements today. We are all encouraged to dream, to be successful.

Needless to say, the kind of dreaming we are expected to do happens in our waking life, our conscious mind. They are the types of dreams where we set goals for ourselves to hopefully achieve in our lifetime. But these are not just any goals.

We are expected to dream big, to think of something challenging. Well, we do live in a highly competitive world after all.

The bigger our dreams and efforts, the higher our chances become of making it if we are determined enough. We all want a happy and comfortable life, but the question is do we dream big and leave it there, or do we go ahead and act to achieve those dreams?

Taking Dreaming Big To A Whole New Level

What if we challenge ourselves more in terms of dreaming? Of course, trying to be financially stable alone is a big challenge for most people due to the worldwide economic meltdown.

Many individuals put their whole life on hold, sacrificing years to achieve a significant bank balance that hopefully takes care of them in retirement and other aspects of their life.

But what if, instead of just dreaming about financial security alone, we challenge ourselves to make sure we are in the right state of mind as well?

What if we prepare ourselves for the financial freedom which we spend sleepless nights trying to acquire? This way we are sure not to lose ourselves mentally when we start to become successful in life, or things take an unexpected turn.

The mistake most people make is that their dreams mainly consist of continually receiving large sums of money into their bank accounts, as if this is the answer to everything and it will bring about eternal happiness.

But, have they achieved much by just having money in their bank account? This is where the question of whether an individual dreamed big enough comes into play.

Expand Your Dreams

Expand Your Dreams

When daring to dream and achieving what we dream of, we should be careful not to focus on just one part of our lives.

We must not forget the things that will have to act as our support system in maintaining what we have achieved.

We read of people who once had it all. Some lost their possessions and lost their mind, some committed suicide, some ended up in prison, and some picked themselves up and learned from mistakes.

The point here is, as we dare to dream and work towards achieving those dreams, we should take into consideration the fact that life as a whole is bigger than achieving just one dream.

Our ability to sustain that dream without losing ourselves depends wholly on how developed the other areas of our lives are.

It is common knowledge that with a source of income of any level comes an increase in responsibilities.

Did you dream big enough to prepare yourself to handle the pressure?

Achieve your dreams

Take Action To Achieve Your Dream

Of course, it is pointless to dream and not take action. Dreams do not turn themselves into reality without the dreamer investing time and energy. To achieve dreams, we need to be motivated, to have a reason for dreaming.

The most effective and biggest motivation we can ever have as human beings is knowing that we have a purpose in life.

It challenges us to be better versions of ourselves and gives the zeal to use what we are and what we have to make the world around us a better place.

This, however necessitates finding out who we really are and what we believe our purpose is before taking the actual steps to achieve our dreams.

This helps map out proper ways to follow and other things that should make the priority list as one move towards achieving dreams, keeping in mind all strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities.

Seek A Role Model

It is essential to research and find someone who has walked the same path as yours. Find out how some people failed and how some prospered on that same path. Use the information to adjust your action plan.

Gather all necessary details required to make your dreams come true.

Sources include books and articles that are readily available on the internet. As much as we cannot dismiss the importance of hard work, it is equally crucial to guard against draining oneself mentally and physically.

When dreaming and going after your dreams I dare you to:

• Prioritise your mental health as you dream and work on achieving those dreams. This includes preparing yourself to handle any obstacle you might encounter.
• Think of the family you already have or plan to have in the future and how best to work on your dreams in ways that accommodates them.
• Go beyond dreaming about riches and work towards being the best person you can be.
• Learn to live within your means and handle pressure from peers.
• Learn to be wise enough to know who should have a say in your life and what should be valued.
• Remember that your biggest competition is the person you are today. Be easy on yourself but do enough to develop yourself.
• Remain humble and ask for help when you need it.
• Give other areas of your life your all.
• Learn to be content and find other aspects of life that can make you happy other than money.
• Value all your relationships and be the person you want your partner to be to you.
• Help without expecting anything in return.


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