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Discover How Journaling Helps Make A Better You

Discover How Journaling Helps Make A Better You

As far as journeys go, life is a long one. Yet it goes so quickly. In the blink of an eye, your youthful exuberance is gone and suddenly you wake daily in a cacophony of cracking joints and achey bones.

As life passes by, the experiences you have are what you have to show. You can let them pass like a slideshow in your mind or you can keep a journal.

In the rest of this article we take a look and discover how journaling helps make a better you…

Journal Now, Remember Later

Your journal will serve as a record of your life. Life is filled with tiny things that help shape you. When you account in your journal for these experiences, you can look back on them and see how your life has changed over time. It can also highlight how you came to make certain decisions as you navigated the rocky waters of life.

Of course, it’s also something you can share with your loved ones as you grow older and want to provide them with meaningful advice. Your past self can serve as the perfect go-to for your future self and others.

Journal For Emotional Processing

Journaling is an opportunity to process your emotions. It’s difficult to move past them if you cannot allow yourself to fully experience them. If you lose someone, journaling provides you with an outlet to get things off your chest that you always wanted to tell them.

If you miss out on a new job or a promotion, journaling allows you to process how you feel about that. It truly is better out than in. Allowing negative emotions and feelings to linger will have a long-term knock-on effect on your health and happiness.

If you have written something that you don’t want to reflect on, just tear it up or toss them in the fireplace. There is something healing about releasing it.

journal success and failure

Journal Your Success & Your Failure

Don’t be shy when it comes to celebrating your successes. Your journal is a great place to highlight your highs. It can be heartening to look back at your journal and see all the wins you have experienced. No one is more critical of you than you are, even though you may feel otherwise.

Having said that, you should also journal your failure in order to understand it. Failures offer lessons that we need to learn.

If you take the time to journal your failures, you have a record of where it all went wrong. This is something you can look back and learn from. It’s going to help you bounce back from failure and build your resilience, which is only going to make you a better version of yourself.

It’s also equally as important that you recognize your fallibility. You’re only human, you can’t be awesome all of the time. That’s okay!

Understanding that will help you stay grounded and realistic. It’s also permission to fail sometimes. You don’t have to judge yourself, you just have to dust yourself off and try again.

Journaling Notes

Maintaining a journal is simple. You can do it on the computer, in the notes section of your phone or invest in a journaling diary. Some people may prefer to keep an audio (or visual) journal, especially if it’s something they’d like to share with others in the future.

Ideally, you will make time to write in it daily. However, the bare minimum is once a week. You may be hesitant to share honestly in your journal if you think about how others will read it or see it. Learn how to get started writing a journal here

No one else needs to know your observations or feelings so think about that as you embark on your journaling journey. If you do want to record for posterity, consider presenting a condensed version of your private thoughts.

The purpose of journaling is to let it all out. So don`t wait any longer…Get Journaling!


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