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How Creating A Sense Of Purpose Means So Much In Life

How Creating A Sense Of Purpose Means So Much In Life

Are you happy? I mean are you truly happy? When you sit down at the end of the day do you ever ask yourself….did I really enjoy today? Do I feel contented with how I am living my life? Is this my best life?

Well, I recently came across a British newspaper article in November 2019 that said nearly fifty percent of the working population had given up all hope of finding their dream job and the rest hated the current employment they were in.

This was really alarming to me and got me thinking, why do most of the population feel no real contentment in their lives? Why do they live day to day just going through the motions, feeling bored and unfulfilled?

Most of us never really take the time to think about this, they fail to see what it is that makes us so miserable and ultimately, how creating a sense of purpose means so much in life.

Life is comprised of many parts, but what most people think about when it comes to life is time and money. So they base their life around those things. But you have to realise that life is so much more than just time or money.

It’s that personal satisfaction you feel from having a life that’s lived to the fullest. There’s an old saying that goes, “When a man reaches the end of his life, it’s not his work, his money that matters. It’s the legacy that he leaves behind for other people.”


A Legacy To Remember

When you’re designing your life, determine what legacy you want to leave. When it is time to leave this world, what would you like people to remember you for? It’s not going to be that you worked long hours and stashed away a nice amount of money in the bank.

You want to be remembered for more than that. You want your legacy to be tied in with your purpose. To do that, you need to create a plan to reach the kind of goals that are amazing, the kind that people point to and say that you had a well lived life.

Create a Life Statement

You can do that. You can achieve amazing things. Discover what you want. You have to be able to name it in order to go after it. Some people create a life statement and refer to that.

It’s a statement saying what you’d like to accomplish with your life. Make yourself accountable. Setting a goal or creating a dream in private makes it easier to quit when things get tough.

Yet, when you put it out there and make yourself accountable to other people, you’re more likely to chase your purpose. Create your strategy for how you’re going to reach your goals.

Establish Deadlines

Give yourself deadlines. You can break these up into days, weeks or months. Lean on your current abilities and talents to accomplish things, but make an effort to grow the ability and knowledge you don’t have, but also need.

In order to achieve these amazing goals, look to do things that fill you with inner satisfaction or gives you a sense that you were born to do what you’re doing. A clue for this would be something that makes you feel alive, like you can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings to get started.

You can look back over your life to date and see what you’ve already accomplished despite the odds. You can determine what it took for you to keep going, to develop your goals or purpose based on what you’ve already overcome.

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Live Life With Purpose

Some people set achievements based on overcoming physical limitations or emotional ones. Others create amazing goals and design their lives based on what they did to create a better world for others. The purpose for your life is already within you. All you have to do is tap into what excites you in life and fuels your passion to discover your true purpose.

To Your Success!


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