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How To Live A More Intentional Life - A 7 Step Easy Guide

How To Live A More Intentional Life                      – A 7 Step Easy Guide

There is a popular saying that life is too short, well, that is a fact. People want to make every moment count and enjoy life. ‘Live a little’, they say. But, enjoying life doesn’t mean that we should be reckless or that we should care less about it.

We can choose a unique way of living our best lives so that when the time comes to leave the earth we can rest with a smile knowing that we did everything to the best of our abilities.

Unlike simply enjoying life, this choice which can be referred to as living an intentional life, does exceedingly more for us. If you have tried both sides, living an unintentional and intentional life that is, you will understand this better.

Be Who You Want To Be

Just so we are clear, living an intentional life means making a decision as to what kind of person you want to be and what you want your life to communicate, then purposefully align your actions, goals and conversations with that dream.

Let’s face it, we can live life the way we want without worrying about what others think as long as we continue to have ‘fun’, no rules whatsoever to guide us. But the fact is that most people rarely find fulfillment in that kind of life. An unintentional life can lead us to ‘wherever the wind blows’.

I’m sure you can guess that having to turn back and go against the wind, dealing with the bruises and consequences may be the hardest thing to do. Of course, this does not mean that an intentional life is perfect, and without challenges. But there is one thing that we can be sure of…

Strength Of Character

People who live an authentic life and with intention tend to possess the strength needed when faced with adversity in life. On top of that, the life they live may also have a long-lasting impact on people in their circles.

To them, life is not just about surviving, it is a purposeful journey on which each one of us has a role to play.

If you are keen on living or continuing to live a more intentional life, you might want to consider these 7 steps to put you on the right track…

what is your purpose

1. Know your purpose

It gives your life direction. It is easy to forget goals unless they are founded in who you are and who you are determined to be.

People who know their purpose are usually strong-willed and do not find satisfaction in anything that does not contribute to fulfilling their purpose. They are more likely to be solid in their planning.

Thus, when we know our purpose, we do not do things randomly unless they help us reach our goals, even if they came unexpectedly.

2. Set clear goals

Goals are targets that are markers of who we are and where we are going. To successfully live an intentional life, we need to consider our ultimate goal or purpose and the best way to achieve it.

Thus, we will need to take into consideration the spirituality, type of life partner or family, type of job, the friends, the connections and schedules that perfectly align with what we want to achieve in our lifetime. Put simply, your goals align with your values and dream.

reason to live

3. Have a solid foundation or reason for the life you want

How firm anything stands with or without storms is determined by how strong the foundation is.

If you do not have a binding reason for what you want to be, you can easily be derailed from your chosen path. Find a passion to live for, something you cannot easily find peace if you were to let it go.

That could be the legacy you want to leave behind for your family, changing the lives of poor children for example, or helping to create an environment full of love, care and mercy around you, to mention just a few.

4. Have principles and boundaries

Principles and boundaries must become a part of who we are in order for them to keep us focused and clear on how much compromise we can do.

The goal here is to ensure that we are not lured into anything that is against your purpose or goals. It is mainly about understanding what is good for you and your plans and staying on the path that leads to achieving your goals.

support group

5. Surround yourself with realistic people who understand your journey

The last group of people or individuals you want to give your attention to if you are trying to live an intentional life are people who live a fast life or those who will make you think that your dreams are invalid.

You need people who will always remind you that what you started is doable, people who will pick you up when you fall and encourage you when you lose strength. Have friends who will be willing to support you through it all.

6. Do not compete with others

Understand that speed is not what matters in life. A seemingly slow and comfortable speed can help you to achieve your goals, whilst a fast pace and taking shortcuts may take you right back to the starting point.

Be yourself and take your time, run your own race. Competition will make you feel that your dreams have taken forever or cause you to doubt if you made the right choices.

7. Accept a life of challenges and be persistent

The more you understand that life will always have its high and lows, the better you will be prepared to face them.

All you need to do is make it a point that you always bounce back or rise above the challenges you face.

Yes, be sure to take advantage of some of these challenges. Keep your eyes open, look for the opportunities and live your life with intention.


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