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Is Your Life Purpose Self-Driven

Is Your Life Purpose Self-Driven?

When you find your purpose in life, it can be a great feeling. Suddenly you know where you should go and what you want to do!

But just as finding your purpose is important, it’s also important to make sure your purpose is self-driven. Because if it isn’t, it may as well never get accomplished.

What Does Self-Driven Mean?

When someone is self-driven, this means they are completely self-motivated to achieve their goals.

They get up every day and do what they have to do to get where they want to go.

They don’t need any exterior form of motivation because they are the motivation. This makes it easy for them to accomplish things, because they want to do them.

Additionally, self-driven people don’t waste time. Because they know how pointless it is to do so. There is no reason to put off what you can get done today.

You’ll never find a self-driven person sitting at home on the couch wishing they were getting things done!

How Do You Know Your Purpose is Self-Driven?

When you have found a purpose in life that is self-driven, it won’t feel like a chore to work towards it. Rather you will enjoy every minute that you spend pursuing your passion.

If you feel that someone has to drag you out of bed to complete your purpose, then there is definitely a chance that it isn’t self-driven.

Why Should Your Purpose Be Self-Driven?

Maybe you are wondering why your purpose needs to be self-driven. This is because if you aren’t going to be willing to move yourself towards a goal, it will likely never get done.

This means that finding your purpose, but you not feeling the drive to move towards it, is the same as a daydream—meaning it’s pretty useless.

So if you want to accomplish your purpose, make sure it is a self-driven one that you feel pushed to work towards.

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Ways to Increase Your Self-Drive

If you’re discovering that your purpose maybe isn’t as self-driven as you thought, don’t fret, as there are some easy ways to increase your drive to help you be more successful and achieve goals.

1. Take Responsibility

You are the only person that is truly in charge of your life and you need to realize that. There is no one hovering your shoulder telling you what to do.

If you want to make a change, it’s time to get up and do it for yourself, because you are responsible.

Realizing this, and taking responsibility for the things that are happening in your life is the first step to increasing your self-drive.

2. Find a New Purpose

Struggling to figure out why you are striving towards a particular goal? Well, it may not be the right goal for you. And this happens sometimes, not everyone it cut out for everything.

Don’t be afraid to start over and don’t be afraid to abandon something that just isn’t working.

If you aren’t feeling inspired by something, you will never be able to make it your self-driven purpose.

3. Create a Plan

Sometimes, all you need to get yourself to become driven is to make an action plan for yourself. An action plan can make it easier to see where you are going in life and help inspire you to get moving.

But remember that a plan alone isn’t enough and you will definitely need to take responsibility as well!

Overall, when you think you’ve found your purpose in life, be sure to take a minute and ask yourself if it is a self-driven purpose. This is important when it comes to knowing if you’ll be able to accomplish it.

But if it is self-driven, you’re well on your way to success.



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