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The Importance Of Self Confidence

The Importance Of Self Confidence

Confidence is an integral part of a person’s health and well-being. It is a vital part that many could benefit from if only we were accepting of our true selves.

Many lack self confidence in themselves and their abilities. The world is full of people with such great potential, who never realise it because they think they need to be somebody else to accomplish great things.

There is so much in the media we consume today that makes us feel like we are inadequate. We live life hidden in the shadows because someone else decides that the stage is not big enough for all of us and we buy into it.

Social media, when misinterpreted, has the capability of crippling our confidence. We feed off the message that somehow we are not good enough, or that we could be much better if we change our appearance or our identity to suit the trends. We end up discarding our principles and values to fit into some image, compromising who we are.

Confidence has little to do with outward appearance, although we can enhance it by what we wear and how we present ourselves.

True confidence comes from within when we believe in and accept ourselves, regardless of what other people think. We should not build confidence in other people’s impression of us, but our impression of ourselves.

Your perception of yourself determines how other people will see and treat you. If you continue to have a negative impression about yourself, others will use that against you. If you build your persona around negative thoughts, others around will take advantage of that to keep that negativity flowing in your life.


Confidence In Your Abilities

It is therefore important to keep a good mental and physical image of yourself. Boldly be who you are and proudly and observe how others will treat you. Develop confidence in your abilities and your life will never be the same!

If every person saw how unique and important they were, we would not have a problem with confidence. The challenge is how people hold themselves to an unrealistic standard meted out by social media.

We must therefore develop self-confidence to get a seat on the proverbial table because every one of us has what it takes to bring something significant to it.

What Confidence Is Not

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence.
Arrogance is excessive pride in oneself, which is coupled with a feeling of superiority over all others.

Confidence is believing in yourself and arrogance is believing you are better than others. Confidence is trusting in what you offer the world. Arrogance is believing that the world revolves around you. Confidence is knowing what you bring to the table while arrogance is believing no one else deserves a seat at the table.

When you are confident in who you are, you do not feel the need to belittle others around you or talk down to them. We reserve that kind of behaviour for those who are arrogant.

positive mind

Why Confidence Is An Important Trait

Confidence boosts your positivity. It makes you look at yourself through different lenses. Instead of focusing on your flaws and what you lack, confidence amplifies your strengths and capabilities. It brings your potential to the forefront and shuts out focus on your weaknesses. When you are confident, you feel good about yourself and that helps improve your outlook.

People who have self confidence revel in challenges and setbacks because they know they have what it takes to conquer them. They are not afraid of making mistakes because they are confident that they will either win or learn.

Confident people attract good company. Everyone feels better about who they are when they surround themselves with positive people who know they can do anything they set their minds to.

In the workplace, confidence endears you to your superiors. If you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, attract more bonuses, approach tasks, and give presentations with confidence, it turns heads and allows you to be noticed.

If you are pushing to promote your business, displaying confidence is likely to get you an audience of both investors and clients as people will always trust those that believe in themselves. If you are timid and unsure of yourself, it is highly unlikely that people will buy into your ideas.

Confidence helps you perform better. When you have a task and you approach it with a winning mindset, you are likely to do it well. If you see no limitations to your ability to get things done, you will probably achieve all you set out to do.

This will boost your self-esteem and also help you tackle future assignments with more confidence. Having confidence empowers you to do what seems impossible. Just by believing in yourself you can achieve great things.

being self confident

To build your confidence:

Own and accept your flaws. Confidence does not mean you are perfect. It just means you know you have worth, despite your shortcomings.

Take a good look at yourself. Focus on what you like about yourself instead of what you would rather change. Sometimes, you can even use what you dislike to your advantage. Own your flaws and they will bother you less with time.

Shun All Negativity

It shatters our confidence when we allow negativity in our minds. If you listen to the voices telling you that you cannot achieve what you want, you will lose confidence in yourself. Shut out all negative talk and surround yourself with things that seal your worth. Affirm yourself daily…

I have what it takes!

I can do the impossible!

There is no limit to what I can achieve!

I bring great value to those around me!

Developing confidence is difficult, but it is a powerful way to ensure success in all you set out to do. Have faith in yourself and what you have to offer.

‘Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable belief in your own power, you cannot be successful.’ Norman Vincent Peale.


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